Sakhalin Branch News

Light Buoy Set in Korsakov Seaport Water Area

The Sakhalin Branch has set light buoy No. 2210 in the water area of Korsakov Seaport, in compliance with the 2010 edition of “Lights and Signs of the Pacific coast of Russia” issued by Department for Navigation and Oceanography of the Defense Ministry of Russia.

Earlier it was the Hydrograhpic Service of the Pacific Navy that used to be in charge of setting navigational aids and other issues of navigational and hydrographic support. However, due to the changes in the Russian trade shipping legislation, those functions were transferred to FSUE “Rosmorport” and its branches in the corresponding seaport of the Russian Federation.

The ligntning buoy set by the Sakhalin Branch was designed to mark a dangerous area with shallow waters in Korsakov Seaport.

In 2014 the Sakhalin Branch is planning to set 15 more floating warning signs that are to be transferred from the Hydrograhpic Service of the Pacific Navy, in the seaports of Sakhaling Region.
For information:
At present the Sakhalin Branch organizes and performs navigational and hydrographic support of sailing in the seaports of Korsakov, Nevelsk, and Kholmsk. The branch disposes of 11 floating warning signs, designed for provision of navigation safety.