My port

     For the purposes of early vocational guidance of children FSUE “Rosmorport” successfully implements a socially oriented innovation educational project “My Port”. Thanks to this initiative any child at the age from 11 to 16 (17) years-old being be enthusiastic about the sea has the unique opportunity to win a ticket to the one of the best children’s centers of Russia – the all-Russian children’s center “Orlyonok”, the international children’s center “Artek”, and the All-Russian children’s center “Okean”.

     The course is aimed at popularizing maritime professions and the port’s affairs, vocational guidance and education of children based on the glorious maritime traditions, i.e. to cultivate moral values of civic consciousness and patriotism, skills to work in team among people whose profession, the lifestyle and the work are linked with the maritime industry. Children study to sail, read the stars, familiarize themselves with functions of the fleet personnel on different vessels and their engineer obligations, study sailorizing and the semaphore ABC. They acquire primary skills of maritime affairs in an interactive form: in theory and on practice. Professional pedagogues, psychologists and experienced persons annually take part in the development of the program.

     The year 2020 is the jubilee one for the My Port project. Over the five years about 800 children have visited the children’s centers. There are always more people who wish to participate in the program than places allocated for FSUE “Rosmorport” by quotas which is why only the best can be holders of cherished tickets. During the contests, children should show their interest in and knowledge of marine subjects.


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