Enterprise Services

     In accordance with the FSUE “Rosmorport” Articles, the enterprise is authorized to perform 63 types of activities. Major activities of the enterprise in the seaports are: 

  • complex infrastructure services concerning navigation safety in water areas of the ports and on harbor approaches; 
  • various services provided to vessels in the seaports, safe anchoring and navigation; 
  • technical maintenance and development of federal property objects of coastal port infrastructure including realization of federal target programs in the sphere of marine transport; 
  • other activities. 

     Major statutory activities of FSUE “Rosmorport” in the seaports of Russia concerning rendering services (implementation of works) include: 
     - Navigation services with the use of Vessel Traffic Systems
     - Pilotage services
     - Icebreaking services
     - Towage services
     - Crew boat services;   
     - Ecological services;

     - Drinking water services;
     - Mooring services

     - Services on berths assignment for safe mooring

     - Services on provision of passenger terminals;

     - Services on provision of places at anchorages for mooring;

     - Dredging services;

     - Geodesic and cartographic services;

     - Loading and unloading operations

     - Services on linking - unlinking of vessels with the linkspan bridge;

     - Ice advisory services;

     - Captain's advisors services;

     - Services on navigation aids installation and maintenance;
     - Navigation aids production and repair services;

     - Communication services including provision of radio communication, communication channels and local telephone communication

     - Information services;
     - Ship repairing services

     - Surveyor services;  

     - Hotel services;
     - Services of "Chernomor" recreational center in the coast of Black Sea;
     - Leasing federal property assigned to the enterprise, according to the established procedure.

     Detailed information on terms and conditions for provision of the above mentioned services (works) is available in the certain subsections of this site, describing services of the enterprise and its branches.