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Prospective Investment Projects

     Development of port capacities in the Russian Federation is executed in the framework of the Strategy of Russian Port Infrastructure Development by 2030 approved by the Sea Collegiate under the Government of the Russian Federation by means of implementation of different investment projects aimed at the reconstruction of the existing port infrastructure facilities and construction of the new sea terminals. 
     It is forecast that by 2030 transshipment complexes with the capacities from 587.2 million tons to 899 million tons per year will be put into operation in Russian seaports depending on the Russian Federation economics development scenario.
     By 2030 the main directions of the port capacities development will be the following:
     • accelerated development of the terminals of paramount significance (container and coal);
     • development of hub ports in the main sea basins of the country;
     • elimination of disproportions in the development of the railways and motor ways adjacent to the seaports.

     All planned investment projects should be harmonised with the common strategic issues of the development of the seaport infrastructure and should meet the following requirements:
     • compliance of the investment projects to the seaport management system effective in the Russian Federation and to the needs of the port industry;
     • compliance of the investment projects to the approved sstrategic directions of the development of the seaport infrastructure, purposes, tasks, key performance indicators, established in the Strategy of the seaport infrastructure by 2030.

     The finance models, which are to be used during the implementation of the investment projects in the Russian seaports presuppose different investment schemes, for example:
     • state financing using the funds stipulated in the federal target programs or at the expense of FSUE "Rosmorport", or using the budget investments allocated to the enterprise;
     • non-budgetary financing, including the assets of private investors;
     • debt financing or by stock issue;
     • financing by means of a joint enterprise or a managing company financed by its owners,
     and other forms of financing of investment projects implemented in the form of capital investments stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation. 

The List of the investment projects being implemented by FSUE "Rosmorport" is aimed at the accelerated development of the Russian seaport infrastructure, and fully complies to the targets and tasks stipulated in the Strategy of the development of the seaport infrastructure by 2030.