Port Infrastructure Facilities

     In order to fulfill its statutory aims and tasks FSUE “Rosmorport” disposes of necessary coastal and port infrastructure facilities.
     As of 01.07.2019 of all number of property articles 2,206 articles are real property articles (excluding vessels) of various functional purposes (located in the territories and waters of the seaports of the Russian Federation).
     The coastal and port infrastructure facilities include:
     - underwater hydrotechnical structures (channels, fairways, water areas, etc.) – 142 units;
     - hydrotechnical structures (berths, piers, jetties, breakwaters, coast-protecting structures, etc.) – 742 units;
     - constructions and structures (navigation safety systems objects, aids to navigation, energy utilities, sanitary-engineering facilities etc.) – 892 units;
     - buildings and premises (administrative, industrial, commercial, utility, etc.) – 430 units.
     Of all hydrotechnical constructions 80 are mooring hydrotechnical constructions. FSUE “Rosmorport” disposes of the largest number of mooring hydrotechnical constructions in Russia making 42.5 % of all hydrotechnical facilities in Russian seaports. The total length of the mooring walls of enterprise berths is more than 92.3 km, making up 46.7 % of the total length of mooring walls in the seaports where they are located.

Information on FSUE “Rosmorport” branches port infrastructure facilities 

     Anadyr Branch
     Arkhangelsk Branch
     Astrakhan Branch
     Azov Basin Branch
     Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch;
     Crimean Basin Branch;
     Far Eastern Basin Branch
     Magadan Branch
     Makhachkala Branch;
     Murmansk Branch; 
     North-West Basin Branch
     Petropavlovsk Branch
     Sakhalin Branch
     Sevastopol Branch;
     Vanino Branch.