Icebreaking Services

     FSUE "Rosmorport" provides icebreaking assistance services to vessels in 15 freezing seaports of the Russian Federation and their approaches, and also services on icebreaking assistance to vessels in ice fields and other sea waters of the World ocean. 

     Icebreaking service in the water areas and the approaches to the freesing seaports are provide by the following branches of FSUE "Rosmorport":
     - Azov Basin Branch (seaports of Azov, Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog);

     - Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch (seaport of Eysk);
     - Arkhangelsk Branch (seaports of Arkhangelsk and Kandalaksha);
     - Astrakhan Branch (seaports of Astrakhan and Olya);
     - Magadan Branch (seaport of Magadan);
     - Murmansk Branch (seaport of Murmansk);
     - North-Western Basin Branch (seaports of Big Port of Saint-Petersburg, Vyborg, Vysotsk, Passenger Port of Saint-Petersburg, Primorsk, and Ust-Luga);

     - Vanino Branch (seaport of Vanino).

     The works connected to provision of icebreaking assistance to vessels in ice fields and other sea waters of the World ocean can be conducted by the following icebreakers of FSUE "Rosmorport":
     - Arkhangelsk Branch;
     - Murmansk Branch;
     - North-Western Basin Branch

     FSUE "Rosmorport" renders icebreaking services in strict compliance with the requirements of:
     - Merchant Shipping Code of the Russian Federation;
     - Rules of icebreaking assistance to vessels set by Common Rules for Navigation and Mooring of Vessels in the Seaports of the Russian Federation approved by the Ministry of Transport of Russia order dated 20.08.2009 № 140;
     - Compulsory resolutions in the corresponding seaports, and also resolutions of seaport masters and basin committees of ice operations headquarters, as far as control over the rules of icebreaking assistance to vessels in the corresponding seaports. 

     With the aim to provide icebreaking assistance to vessels FSUE "Rosmorport" disposes of 31 diesel electrical icebreakers, including:
     - 8 linear icebreakers;
     - 6 port icebreakers;
     - 14 shallow-draft icebreakers;
     - 3 auxiliary icebreakers.
     All icebreakers of the enterprise have valid classification certificates of the Russian Sea Shipping Register and Russian River Register. The Kapitan Dranitsyn, the Moskva, the Saint-Petersburg, the Dikson, and the Kapitan Kosolapov icebreakers also have ISM certificates, which enable them to operate international lines.

     The combination of technical opportunities, highly qualified crews and technical experts, who operate and maintain icebreakers, and are able to solve tasks of any difficulty in that field, guarantees high quality of services rendered by FSUE "Rosmorport", which has been proved many times by the results of the works done. 

     List of the most significant events in the field of icebreaking assistance provision by FSUE "Rosmorport" 

     Participation of the Kapitan Chechkin icebreaker (Astrakhan Branch) in geophysical exploration of the northern corner of the Caspian Sea.

     Participation of the chartered icebreaker Magadan in the rescue operation on supply of fuel to the Koryaksky Autonomous District. 

     Participation of the Kapitan Chadayev icebreaker (Arkhangelsk Branch) in the rescue operation to escort mixed vessels from the Pechora Sea.

     Towage of the AMT Explorer barge, the Amazon self-propelled drilling station in the western corner of the Artctic, and also towage of the energy block of the Kislogubskaya flood electrical power station on the route Severodvinsk - Motovsky Bay by the Dikson icebreaker (Arkhangelsk Branch).

     Participation of the Kapitan Dranitsyn icebreaker (Murmansk Branch) in the Nabos International Arctic Expedition.

     The Kapitan Dranitsyn icebreaker provides icebreaking assistance during import of supplies to the Argentinian antarctic polar station General Belgrano II.

     Preparation of ice canals in the lower course of the Enysey River, and also participation of the Kapitan Dranitsyn icebreaker (Murmansk Branch) in the expedition educational voyages among the Russian geographical society expedition team. 

     Participation of the chartered icebreaker Magadan (Magadan Branch) in the rescue operation to lrescue the fishing boats out of the ice jam in Sakhalin Bay of the Okhotsk Sea. 
     Towage by the Dikson icebreaker (Arkhangelsk Branch) of  the SMITHBARGE 2 barge and the Amazon self-propelled sailing drill station along the two routes: Yamburg-Kharasavey and Murmansk-Yugorsky-Shar-Kharasavey-Varnek-Murmansk.
     Participation of the Dikson icebreaker (Arkhangelsk Branch) in the operation to rescue the Kapitan Kravtsov ship and provide its towage to Arkhangelsk Seaport.
     Provision of icebreaking assistance in the inner water ways of the Russian Federation with the use of the Kapitan Zarubin icebreaker (North-Western Basin Branch) and Kapitan Chechkin icebreaker (Astrakhan Branch).

     Participation of the Dikson icebreaker and the Kapitan Dranitsyn icebreaker (Murmansk Branch) in the geophysic research in the north-west corner of the Arctic region. 
     Participation of the Kapitan Kosolapov icebreaker (Arkhangelsk Branch) in the geophysic research in the west corner of the Arctic region.

     Participation of Kapitan Dranitsyn icebreaker as an expedition vessel in hydrometeorological and ice research in the Kara Sea.
     Icebreaking pilotage of Vasiliy Golovnin motorboat carrying cargo to General Belgrano II Argentitnian polar station by the Kapitan Dranitsyn icebreaker (Murmansk Branch).

     Icebreaking services for vessels calling at Sabetta Seaport which is under construction in the framework of Yamal LNG project.
     Icebreaking pilotage for vessels carrying cargo and passengers to Alexandra Land of Franz Josef Land by the Kapitan Dranitsyn icebreaker (Murmansk Branch).  



     Escort of HHL ELBE tanker going through ice, from the Kara Strait to Dudinka Seaport by the Dikson icebreaker (Arkhangelsk Branch).

     Towage and escort of marine vessels to the western sector of Laptev Sea (from Dudinka seaport to Khatanga Strait) by the Dikson icebreaker (Arkhangelsk Branch).

     Support of the research group of the State Research Center Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute during execution of marine hydrometeorological and ice resarch, and of experiments to elaborate a plan for protection of a drilling vessel from icebergs in the Kara Sea by the Kapitan Dranitsyn icebreaker (Murmansk Branch).


     FSUE "Rosmorport" began its icebreaking assistance practice in the approaches and the water areas of the freezing seaports of the Russian Federation in February 2004, when the Saint-Petersburg Branch of the enterprise, which was founded in the previous year, began to provide icebreaking services in the Big Port of Saint-Petersburg Seaport with the help of the 12 diesel-electrical icebreakers secured to FSUE "Rosmorport". By the end of 2004 icebreaking services were rendered by 7 branches of the enterprise. 
     At present FSUE "Rosmorport" operates 31 icebreakers, which have been secured to the enterprise, bought at the expense of the enterprise, and constructed at the expense of budget investments or the enterprise since 2004.


     It is necessary to mention that FSUE "Rosmorport" places great emphasis on the development of the icebreaking fleet. From 2005 till 2009 two modern icebreakers of project 21900 named the Moskva and the Sankt-Peterburg with the power of 16.5 mWt each were constructed at the Russian shipyards under supervision of FSUE "Rosmorport". At present FSUE "Rosmorport" implements as a client constructor  several largest investment projects in the Russian Federation for the construction of three diesel-electrical icebreakers of project 21900 with the power of 16 mWt, and one diesel-eletrical icebreaker of project 22600 with the power of 25 mWt. These icebreakers, which are to be constructed and put into operation in 2015, will replenish the icebreaking fleet of the enterprise in the eastern corner of the Gulf of Finland.
     Information on the number of vessels to which FSUE "Rosmorport" provided icebreaking assistance in the seaports of the Russian Federation

 Winter navigation

 Number of vessels provided with icebreaking assistance

 2012 – 2013

 3 036

2013 – 2014

 3 522

2014 – 2015

 4 766

2015 – 2016 3 380

     Additional information on the terms and conditions of icebreaking services provided by the branches of the enterprise can be found in the corresponding sections of the website.