Captain's Advisors Services

     FSUE “Rosmorport” provides the captain's advisors services on a contractual basis, consisting of issuing recommendations and advice to captains of vessels for the safe handling of vessels of all types while sailing in certain water areas.

     Captain’s Advisors Services are provided by the following FSUE “Rosmorport” branches:

     Petropavlovsk Branch (in the Bechevinskaya Bay an on approaches to it);

     North-Western Basin Branch (around anchorages No. 68 and No. 68b in the roads of the seaport of Kaliningrad).

     To provide the captain's advisors services, the enterprise has a staff of highly qualified specialists selected from among the most trained pilots of FSUE “Rosmorport”, who have significant experience as ship captains.

     All advisors have certificates of marine pilots of the Russian Federation, issued in accordance with the established procedure, for work on vessels of all types without length restrictions.

     Professional training of captain’s advisors is maintained at the highest level by periodic improvement of their qualifications in the leading maritime educational institution in Russia.

     FSUE “Rosmorport” provides captain’s advisors with all the necessary navigation equipment, special uniform and communication systems for them to render high-quality and effective assistance for captains of vessels.

     The detailed information on the procedure for rendering captain’s advisors services can be found in the sections of the FSUE “Rosmorport” website, describing such services provided by the FSUE “Rosmorport” branches.