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The 7th marine-oriented thematic shift ended in the Orlyonok Child Center

The 7th marine-oriented thematic shift ended in the Orlyonok Child Center

The 7th thematic shift named “Marine shift “I want to rise up from a sailor boy” has ended in the Stormovoy camp of the Orlyonok Russian Child Center. Today, schoolchildren, including 50 children and grandchildren of FSUE “Rosmorport” employees, say goodbye to the Orlyonok Child Center, their counselors, teachers and comrades. After three weeks of learning the basics of maritime professions on the Black Sea coast, kids will go home to different regions of our big country with a lot of new insights and impression.

The program of the shift at the Stormovoy camp has traditionally been aimed at patriotic education of the younger generation and the study of the history of the Russian Navy. On board the Stormovoy vessel every student had the opportunity to try themselves as real navigators, learn about the outstanding personalities of the Russian fleet and significant naval battles, get acquainted with the exploits of brave sailors. In addition to the important theoretical knowledge acquired in history lessons, the children mastered such maritime disciplines as rigging, drumming, flag semaphore and ship architecture.

During additional courses, the shift participants learned how to assemble and program robots to solve issues related to sorting garbage in the sea; navigate using a compass, determine their coordinates and mask temporary shelters; perform the correct rowing technique and give commands while oaring a boat; create three-dimensional objects.

The students of the Stormovoy camp demonstrated new skills during the final maneuvers. At the solemn final assembly of the 7th thematic shift, 47 students who had successfully mastered the material were given one of the game naval ranks. 16 participants of the shift raised their rank and became “sailors” and “senior sailors”, the rest received the honorary title for the first time and went home as “young sailors”.

As part of the educational program aimed at developing children's interest in maritime professions, the legendary sailing vessel Khersones, owned by FSUE “Rosmorport”, traditionally arrived in the water area of the Orlyonok Child Center.

Everyone gathered to admire the frigate, built according to the prototype of sailboats of the early twentieth century, just before leaving the center – participants of the 7th marine-oriented thematic shift “Marine shift “I want to rise up from a sailor boy” and children from neighboring camps. The kids greeted the crew from the shore and took memorable pictures against the backdrop of a majestic vessel under scarlet sails.

By good tradition, the Khersones sailboat annually visits the Orlyonok Child Center on his birthday, July 12. This year, the crew made several attempts to enter the water area of the center on a festive date, but due to adverse weather conditions it succeeded only early in the morning on July 13.

While the kids were waiting for the frigate to appear, scarlet sails could be admired at the exhibition of drawings, which was held in the Stormovoy camp as part of the festive events on the occasion of the birthday of the Orlyonok Child Center. Among the children's drawings created at the painting workshop on July 6, on the Day of Rosmorport, there were sailboats, tugs, icebreakers of FSUE “Rosmorport”, and fascinating seascapes with their beauty and romance.

The penultimate day of the shift ended with a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the My Port Project, created by FSUE “Rosmorport” for early career guidance for children in the maritime industry. The children and grandchildren of the enterprise's employees who had successfully passed the competitive selection and enrolled for the marine-orientated program in the Stormovoy child camp of the Orlyonok Child Center at the 7th thematic shift of 2023 were awarded diplomas and commemorative watches with the anniversary symbols of the enterprise.

In partnership with the Orlyonok Russian Child Center, FSUE “Rosmorport” has opened a media laboratory for students of the Stormovoy child camp.

The enterprise donated equipment to the children's camp for the new class: SLR cameras, lenses, laptops, microphones, studio light, chromakey, stabilizer, tripod and other staff.

To see the works created by the students of the course named “Stormovoy at the moment”, implemented on the basis of the media laboratory, click here.