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FSUE “Rosmorport” signs agreements with Russian companies on cooperation in replacing foreign software in the field of navigation safety

FSUE “Rosmorport” signs agreements with Russian companies on cooperation in replacing foreign software in the field of navigation safety

On June 1, during the conference “Digital Industry of Industrial Russia” in Nizhny Novgorod, FSUE “Rosmorport” signed agreements on the implementation of two particularly significant projects in the field of replacing foreign software: an agreement with Intellectica Consulting, LLC on creation of an information system for pilotage operations (ISOLD) and agreement with the Sitronics Group on transferring the Sochi Traffic Control System (VTS) to domestic software. The signing took place in the presence of Dmitry Bakanov, Deputy Minister of Transport of Russia.

Both projects are implemented as part of the work of the Industrial Competence Center (ICC) “Sea and River Transport”. Dmitry Bakanov noted that all solutions implemented as part of the ICC are global projects not only with the possibility of scaling to the entire industry, but also with great export potential.

The Chairman of the ICC “Sea and River Transport” is Sergey Pylin, General Director of FSUE “Rosmorport”, and the Deputy Chairman is Sergey Simonov, Deputy General Director of FSUE “Rosmorport”.

“FSUE “Rosmorport” works actively and systematically on import substitution of software products used at the enterprise. A special focus is on ensuring the operability of systems related to critical information infrastructure facilities,” Sergey Pylin stressed.

The task of the ISOLD project is to introduce an integrated information system that ensures the joint work of pilots, dispatchers, who form and assign tasks to pilots, employees of the economic service, who calculate the cost of services rendered, as well as specialists of the FSUE “Rosmorport” central office, who work with reports and analysis of the pilot service activities in the branches.

The project plans to develop a system based on domestic software in the interests of two pilot branches of FSUE “Rosmorport”: the Astrakhan Branch (the seaports of Astrakhan and Olya and approaches to them) and the North-Western Basin Branch (the seaport of Bolshoy Port of St. Petersburg and approaches to it) for more than 150 pilots and coastal service workers. The expected deadline for the project is November 2024.

Denis Lisovets, General Director of Intellectica Consulting, LLC, noted that the joint efforts of the company will ensure the technological independence of our country.

The objective of the Sochi VTS conversion project is to reduce potential vulnerabilities and improve maritime safety. The VTS is classified as a critical information infrastructure facility. At the moment, several branches of FSUE “Rosmorport”are equipped with software from the Finnish company Wartsila. As part of the import substitution pilot project, it is planned to introduce domestic software on the vessels in the seaport of Sochi. It is planned that the pilot project will be implemented by the end of 2023.

"The developed VTS can be used in all sea harbours of our country, as well as in ports of friendly countries," Dmitry Bakanov said.
"The VTS developed by us has passed certification tests, is included in the unified register of Russian software and helps to solve the problem of achieving technological sovereignty of the country. The VTS is a basic element for the digitalization of cargo traffic and the digital transformation of the marine industry," added Pavel Dreiger, Vice President of Software Products and Solutions at Sitronics Group.

According to Pavel Dreiger, the solution has a number of technological innovations that make it possible to successfully compete both in the Russian and foreign markets.

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FSUE “Rosmorport” is working systematically to introduce new digital services aimed at transforming the enterprise’s operations in line with new trends and modern digital technologies. In 2022, under Sergey Simonov's leadership, three new digital services were introduced at the company, allowing it to optimise internal data collection and analysis processes, improve the efficiency of management decision-making and control over their implementation in terms of fleet operation and repair, as well as pilotage activities.

In addition to developing digital solutions for its own needs, FSUE “Rosmorport” takes an active part in the development of industry services and information systems. The challenging situation of securing the Northern Delivery in 2021 required prompt action to monitor and administer cargo flows and modern tools for this task.

Under the leadership of Sergey Simonov, the developers of FSUE “Rosmorport”, by order of the Ministry of Transport of Russia and Rosmorrechflot, created a pilot version of a Unified Cargo Transshipment Monitoring System in the seaports of the Far Eastern Federal District based on freely distributed software and began its pilot operation. The system has the necessary functional modules and a subsystem for visualizing the data of operators of marine terminals transmitted automatically via a software interface (API).

In 2022, FSUE “Rosmorport” headed the Industrial Competence Centre for the replacement of foreign industry digital products and solutions, including software and hardware complexes, Sea and River Transport, which brings together major domestic enterprises in the field of sea freight, stevedoring activities, and maritime safety activities.

Within the framework of the ICC "Sea and River Transport", FSUE “Rosmorport” carries out expert study of projects submitted by industry enterprises for grant funding from the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as monitoring the implementation of particularly significant projects.