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Navigation practice of 2022 on FSUE “Rosmorport” sailing ships has been completed

The navigation practice of 2022 has ended on all sailing ships of FSUE “Rosmorport”. Professor Khlyustin training and production vessel received 345 cadets of the Maritime State University named after admiral G.I. Nevelskoy during the year. They are the future boatmasters, mechanics, electricians and radio operators, who were trained under the guidance of 13 mentors from February to December.

The results of the navigation practice were summed up on the Nadezhda sailing training ship. From March to December, 413 cadets of various specialties from Maritime State University named after admiral G.I. Nevelskoy and the Siberian State University of Water Transport worked out their skills on the ship with the help of 14 mentors. During this time, the ship spent 68 days on the sea, made 4 voyages and traveled over 7000 nautical miles.

The Nadezhda sailing training ship sailed mainly along the shores of the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Regions, Sakhalin Island. The cadets learned to determine the location of the ship by navigational landmarks, made astronomical observations. The traditional Days of the trainee, solemn ceremonies of launching wreaths into the water in the La Perouse Strait and near Tsushima Island, sports competitions and concerts were held.

In September, during the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, the sailing training ship participated in the Parade of Sails. In the summer, one of the stages of the relay of VII International sports games "Children of Asia" took place on Nadezhda’s board. Also this year, the sailboat celebrated its 30th anniversary: festive events were held in Vladivostok on the occasion of the anniversary date.

Also during the navigation practice of 2022, Danil Merzlikin, a cadet of the ship mechanics faculty of the Maritime State University named after admiral G.I. Nevelskoy, who practiced on the Professor Khlyustin training and production vessel, became a participant in the special literary and educational project “The Country of Poets” of the Public Television of Russia. On the air of Public Television of Russia, the cadet read a poem by Nikolai Gumilev “On the sea”.

Earlier in 2022, the sailing practice was completed on two other sailing training ships of FSUE “Rosmorport”: Mir and Khersones. In total, at the end of the year, more than 1,400 cadets successfully passed the navigation practice on the sailing training ships of the enterprise.