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Georgiyevs-Fisyurenkos labor dynasty

Georgiyev Alexander Vilevich

Georgiyev Alexander Vilevich is a pilot I Category of the FSUE “Rosmorport” Murmansk Branch.

He was born in Murmansk in 1959. He finished the school in 1974 and entered Mesyatsev Murmansk navigation college (the shipbuilding department).

In 1978 he received a certificate of service and started the work in the department of Sevrybkholodflot. In 1983-1986 he studied in Lenin Komsomol Murmansk higher engineer navigation school. Then he continued the work on vessels of Sevrybkholodflot.

In 1993 he resigned from his job and worked as a chief mate on dry bulk carriers and banana boats under the flags of Norway, the Federal German Republic and Great Britain. In 1996 he started to work as a captain.

From October 2004 he works as a pilot I Category in the pilot service of the FSUE “Rosmorport” Murmansk Branch.


Georgiyev Alexei Antonovich

Georgiyev Alexei Antonovich (paternal grandfather) (1912-1984)

was born in Berdyansk. He started his career as a boy in 1926 and then he worked as a sailor on river boats on the Danube.

In 1932 he completed pilot’s courses and he was sent to Primorsk.

In 1949-1954 he worked on vessels of the ALEUT whaling flotilla. Then he worked in the Murmansk trawling fleet and continued service in the Belomorsky fishing base. In 1959 he removed to Odessa and worked there till his resignation in 1972.


Georgiyev Vil Alexeevich
Georgiyev Vil Alexeevich (father) (1935-2003)

was born in the settlement of Ola, Magadan Region. From 1952 he took the positions of apprentice machine operator, sailor, boatswain and assistant harpooner on the Buran whale boat.

In 1955 he graduated from the Vladivostok command squad school and worked as a pilot on the Taifun whale boat. At the end of 1956 he removed to Murmansk to continue his service in the Belomorsky fishing base. Then for two years he worked on research vessels of Knipovich Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography. In 1965 he graduated from Mesyatsev Murmansk Fishing College (extramural form of study).

In 1972-1996 he worked in Sevrybkholodflot as a captain of Sibir transport refrigerators.


Fisyurenko Dmitry Timofeyevich (maternal great grand-father) (1882-1942) started labor employment on the Pallada barge of the Russian Steam Navigation and Trading Company in Odessa in 1903. In August 1941 he transported equipment to Rostov aboard the Odessky City Council ship that had sunk in the winter of 1942. He also died.


Nikonov Sergei Fyodorovich (paternal great grand-father) (1882-unknown)

Upon completion of the Arkhangelsk navigation school in 1902 he served on the 218 Russian Navy torpedo vessel. His fate is unknown after the Revolution.


Fisyurenko Georgy Dmitrieyvich (maternal grand-father) (1912-1944) arrived in Murmansk in 1932 to serve in the trawling fleet. He worked his way from a motorman to senior engineer. In 1941 he volunteered for frontline duty. In 1944 he was missing on the Small Land.