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Crew of the Novorossiysk icebreaker of FSUE “Rosmorport” shows its high professionalism during ice navigation of 2023-2024 to be named the best

The Novorossiysk icebreaker of FSUE “Rosmorport” North-Western Basin Branch provided assistance to 87 vessels in severe ice conditions during winter navigation season of 2023-2024.

The icebreaker was sent to perform operations in the White Sea, where it assisted the convoy of vessels through the most difficult ice areas. The operations were aimed at ensuring non-stop and trouble-free ship calls of cargo vessels at the seaports of Arkhangelsk and Kandalaksha, including vessels delivering food supplies to distant areas of the Russian Arctic.

While operating in the water area of the White Sea, the icebreaker provided assistance to 81 vessels. The icebreaker had to operate in severe weather conditions of ice compression and crushing, which required high professionalism and maximum dedication from the crew to successfully complete the tasks set.

With the improvement of ice conditions in the White Sea and with Dikson icebreaker starting to provide assistance, the Novorossiysk icebreaker was directed to the water area of the Kara Sea to work under an agreement with FSUE “Atomflot” and provided icebreaker support to 6 vessels in severe Arctic ice conditions. After that it was sent off to the seaport of Murmansk for the inter-navigation period.

The crew of the Novorossiysk icebreaker was recognized as the best crew of the FSUE “Rosmorport” icebreakers by the end of 2023 based on the minutes of the FSUE “Rosmorport” Central Office Commission for the Assignment of Titles meeting dated 01.03.2024 No. 11.

On April 10, 2024, Sergey Pylin, General Director of FSUE “Rosmorport”, presented Alexander Strelnikov, Director of the North-Western Basin Branch, with a commemorative badge “The Best Icebreaker Crew of the Enterprise” at the meeting on defining key tasks and activities for 2024 and the medium-term perspective up to 2026.

General Director of FSUE “Rosmorport” honored the well-coordinated work and efficiency of the crew members of the Novorossiysk icebreaker, which allowed them to successfully fulfil their duties to ensure year-round operation of seaports and contribute to maintaining a high level of prestige of the enterprise.