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FSUE “Rosmorport” sums up the results of its activities for 2023 and defines plans for the future

FSUE “Rosmorport” sums up the results of its activities for 2023 and defines plans for the future

On April 10, a meeting was held in Moscow to summarize the results of the activities of FSUE “Rosmorport” for 2023, as well as to define key goals and objectives for 2024 and the planning period until 2026.

Andrey Tarasenko, Head of the Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport, addressed the participants of the meeting with a welcoming speech. Head of Rosmorrechflot noted that FSUE “Rosmorport” had celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2023, approaching the anniversary date with high performance and demonstrating many achievements in the past year.

The important tasks the enterprise faces today are to contribute to increasing cargo transshipment in Russian seaports, providing the necessary throughput capacities, implementing measures for the construction and reconstruction of port infrastructure. Andrey Tarasenko paid special attention to the need to ensure the connection between the river and the sea and to create cargo hubs.

The Head of the Federal Agency emphasized another promising area of work - the construction of modern vessels. In the near future, the enterprise's fleet will be replenished with new ferries, icebreakers, and dredging vessels. Andrey Tarasenko also reminded of the importance of building human resources, including through the organization of targeted training.

The meeting proceeded with a solemn awarding ceremony for the FSUE “Rosmorport” branches which showed the highest results in the past year. Sergey Pylin, General Director of FSUE “Rosmorport”, presented the awards to the branch directors.

At the end of the solemn part of the event, Sergey Pylin made a report on the results of the enterprise's activities and the main tasks for the current year.

He started his speech by thanking all employees for ensuring the smooth operation of the enterprise and fulfilling the main tasks assigned to FSUE “Rosmorport” by the Rosmorrechflot authorities and the Government of Russia.

“We closed the year exceeding the enterprise's plan by the main indicators - revenue and net profit,” Sergey Pylin informed. 

Speaking about production indicators, Head of FSUE “Rosmorport” noted that the volume of cargo transshipment in Russian seaports had amounted to 884 million tons at the end of 2023. The growth of about 5% compared to 2022 is due to an increase in the transshipment of grain (+56.2%), chemical and mineral fertilizers (+51.8%). The main growth in cargo turnover is in the Southern, Caspian and Far Eastern basins. The volume figures for the reporting period are also 12% higher than the previous year.

The total increase in the production capacity of seaports in 2023 amounted to 68.2 million tons due to the implementation of 6 measures for the development of seaport infrastructure under the federal project “Development of Seaports” of the Comprehensive Plan for Modernization and Expansion of the Main Infrastructure for the period up to 2024.

This year, the enterprise will continue to implement strategically important measures. They include maintaining of the vessel draft of 4.5 m on the Volga-Caspian Sea Shipping Canal achieved in 2023 – dredging operations in the amount of 9.8 million cubic meters are planned by the end of the year; ensuring the operation of the Kavkaz–Kerch ferry crossing, including finishing the protection of the land crossing; carrying out sea transportation of freights between the Kaliningrad Region and the main territory of Russia in a situation of external sanctions. Increasing the number of vessels on the Seaport of Ust-Luga – Seaport of Kaliningrad ferry line is a priority task. Thus, in 2024, it is planned to begin construction of two ferries with financing from the National Welfare Fund.

FSUE “Rosmorport” also continues to carry out fleet renewal work, providing for the construction of vessels of Russian design that have maximum domestic equipment. The construction of two shallow-draught icebreakers with a capacity of 6 MW, laid at domestic shipyards, as well as an icebreaker with a capacity of 18 MW, dredging and auxiliary vessels, and vessels of the ecological fleet is under way.

As part of the measures to raise the competitiveness of seaports and increase transit cargo flow through domestic ports in 2024, it is planned to implement projects for the construction of new and reconstruction of existing port facilities carried out under state programs or as further development of instructions from senior government officials. Completing projects for construction of the building of the marine station of the international cargo and passenger terminal in the town of Pionerskiy, for reconstruction of port infrastructure facilities in the seaport of Korsakov, for reconstruction of coastal structures of the Vanino–Kholmsk automobile and railway ferry service in the seaport of Vanino is the priority.

Sergey Pylin noted that the enterprise's plans for the development of the infrastructure of seaports were inextricably connected with the priority state task on ensuring navigation safety in the waters of seaports and on approaches to them. To fulfill this task, it is planned to continue work on the development of navigation safety systems in the seaports of Magadan, Murmansk, Rostov-on-Don, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, on Sakhalin Island and more, as well as work on the transfer of critical information infrastructure facilities for navigation safety systems to domestic software in the current year and in the medium term. It is planned to implement measures for technical re-equipment and to carry out the construction of facilities for engineering and technical means of ensuring transport security in the waters of 37 seaports, as well as at 4 coastal transport infrastructure facilities of FSUE “Rosmorport”.

In the final part of his speech, Head of the enterprise emphasized that FSUE “Rosmorport” was, in the first place, a consolidated team of professionals capable of overcoming any difficulties. The work of the team in 2023 was awarded in two nominations of the annual Rosmorrechflot’s Industry Leader contest – “The Best organization providing navigation services (maritime/river)” and “The Best organization performing the functions of a state customer in the field of maritime and river transport”.

“I am sure that 2024 will be no less successful than the previous year. Thanks to the experience, established traditions and a cohesive team, our enterprise will keep its a leading position in the industry, successfully fulfilling the tasks assigned to it,” Sergey Pylin finished.