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Navigation practice of cadets starts on Khersones sailboat has begun

The navigation practice of cadets of marine specialties started on the sailing training vessel (STV) Khersones. On April 1, Khersones had the first shift of cadets – 104 students of the Sedov Water Transport Institute, branch of the Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University, accompanied by two practice supervisors.

In 2024, the vessel will carry out training voyages in the eastern part of the Black Sea, making calls to the primary home port – the seaport of Sochi.

By the beginning of navigation on ensuring swimming practice, the vessel made the transition from the seaport of Sevastopol to the seaport of Sochi. During transition, shipboard exercises and classes with the crew were conducted to combat the survivability of the vessel and to abandon it, shipboard technical systems and structures were tested after a long inter-navigation stay under the guidance of Captain Alexander Onishchenko, Captain-Instructor of the group of mentors of the Crimean Branch Valery Vasiliev and acting Deputy Director of the Crimean Branch for Fleet Sergey Komlev.

After admission of the cadets on board, the students were given prime lessons on safety measures, sailing training vessel structure and vessel service organization. In the coming days, the STV Khersones will leave the seaport of Sochi and start its first training voyage in 2024.