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More than 300 crew members of FSUE “Rosmorport” vessels vote early in the presidential election

The crews of 12 vessels of FSUE “Rosmorport” involved in work at sea voted ahead of schedule in the presidential elections of Russia. Voting for certain categories of citizens living or working in remote and inaccessible areas, as well as crew members of vessels at sea, opened on February, 25. In total, more than 300 employees of the enterprise's branches took part in the early voting.

Six crew members of the Truzhenik azimuth tugboat of the FSUE “Rosmorport” North-Eastern Basin Branch, which currently provides towing services in the seaport of Sabetta, voted on February 25.

On March 3, early voting took place on the Kapitan Khlebnikov icebreaker of the Far Eastern Basin Branch of the enterprise, on March 4 – on the Moscow  icebreaker, on March 5 – on the Magadan icebreaker. Thus, more than a hundred employees of the branch exercised their right to vote during the difficult tasks of ensuring ice navigation in the Tatar Strait and the Sea of Okhotsk.

Voting took place on five ships of the Arkhangelsk Branch: Yuri Maslyukov, White Sea and Severnaya Dvina dredgers, Pomor tugboat and Dixon icebreaker – about 70 crew members took part in the early elections.

Election procedures also took place on three icebreakers of the Murmansk Branch: Admiral Makarov, Captain Dranitsyn and Krasin. At the moment, icebreakers are piloting vessels along the Northern Sea Route and providing icebreaking support in the freezing seaports of Russia. Early voting allowed for the exercise of active suffrage by at least 150 crew members who will not be able to participate in the elections on the main dates while at sea in difficult ice conditions and the lack of stable communication with the territorial election commission.

The main vote in the Russian presidential election will be held on 15-17 March. On the same days, it will be possible to vote using remote electronic voting, which will be available in 29 regions of the country.