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FSUE “Rosmorport” anniversary celebrated in the Orlyonok Child Center

FSUE “Rosmorport” anniversary celebrated in the Orlyonok Child Center

Rosmorport Day was held in the Shtormovoy camp of the Orlyonok Russian Child Center - a large festive event dedicated to the 20th anniversary of FSUE “Rosmorport”. All students of the 7th shift of the Shtormovoy camp, including 50 children and grandchildren of employees of the enterprise, took part in a rich program dedicated to maritime affairs.

The event began with a real sea regatta. Children, with the skills acquired during the educational shift, competed in the ability to deftly control the YAL-6 sailing rowboats. While young yachtsmen were conquering the sea, other participants of the educational program “Marine Shift “I want to rise up from a sailor boy” were actively supporting their comrades in the fans' competition on land, were competing in tug of war, sports relay races and were even trying their hand in an intellectual game. During the quiz, in which all six crews of the Shtormovoy camp (“Assertive”, “Spunky”, “Determined”, “Inventive”, “Harmonious” and a “Marine Platoon Crew”) participated, children were asked to answer questions about the FSUE “Rosmorport” activity. Children from “Inventive” and “Spunky” crews were the best to cope with the task.

After active games, students went to a master class on painting. Under the guidance of an experienced teacher, they painted seascapes and vessels of FSUE “Rosmorport”: sailboats, tugs, icebreakers. The works of novice marine painters will be presented at the camp at the exhibition of drawings dedicated to the anniversary of the enterprise.

At the thematic venues, the children mastered the basics of flag semaphore, rigging and drumming, as well as learned modern technical achievements in the field of marine technology, expanded their knowledge of the history and traditions of the Russian fleet, learned about what a port was and how it functioned.

In the evening, young sailors attended a ball. From the very beginning of the shift, kids of the Shtormovoy camp had classical dance training. At the evening event, they demonstrated their skills in several types of performing arts: a circular waltz, a Russian quadrille, dances Cossack and Limbo, Blues and Sailors' Dance.

Throughout the holiday, the kids studying the basics of photo and video shooting at the course “Shtormovoy at a time” in the media laboratory created this year by FSUE “Rosmorport” in partnership with the Orlyonok Child Center, conducted a reportage shooting. In the media class, children, applying the acquired knowledge, will make their own video clip, which will long be remembered not only in the Shtormovoy camp and FSUE “Rosmorport”, but also by all participants of the marine-oriented educational program “Marine shift “I want to rise up from a sailor boy”.

“FSUE “Rosmorport” is a reliable partner of the Orlyonk Child Center. For several years, we have been implementing joint programs and projects aimed at popularizing maritime disciplines and early career guidance for children with interest in the romance of sea. In the Orlyonok Child Center, children learn the fleet history and the role of ports, assemble and program ships themselves, study pilotage and begin to see that this is not an easy but fascinating profession. I have no doubt that some of our students will choose a profession related to the sea in the future,” said Alexander Jeus, director of the Orlyonok Child Center.