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Flag of the Russian Federation raised on the Kapitan Aleksandrov crab-fishing boat, built at the Onega Shipyard

Flag of the Russian Federation raised on the Kapitan Aleksandrov crab-fishing boat, built at the Onega Shipyard

The national flag of the Russian Federation has been hoisted on the Kapitan Aleksandrov vessel, the lead crab-fishing boat of the SSa 5712LS project, built at the Onega Shipyard by order of the Russian Crab Company Group.

The flag-raising ceremony was held in St. Petersburg on June 14, 2023, on the first day of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. 

The ceremony was attended by Viktor Yevtukhov, State Secretary - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Ilya Shestakov, Head of the Federal Agency for Fishery, Konstantin Dolgov, member of the Federation Council, representatives of the shipyard and the contracting company.

The Kapitan Aleksandrov crab-fishing boat is the lead vessel in a series of vessels designed for the harvesting and transportation of live crab. It was laid down at the Onega Shipyard in June 2020 and launched in January 2022. The order for the construction of the series has been implemented under an investment quota program aimed at renewing the national fishing fleet and increasing the efficiency of the development of valuable national bioresources.

“The renewal of the fishing fleet is one of the strategic priorities of our state. First of all, it is ensuring food security. Secondly, we are developing our competencies and expanding the horizon of technologies in the field of civil shipbuilding in general. The safety of navigation is rising, the working conditions of the crews are being improved. And most importantly, this is the way to ensure the technological independence of Russian shipbuilding,” Viktor Yevtukhov said.

In the near future, the vessel will follow along the Northern Sea Route to the place of fishing — the Far East. It will operate in the waters of the Bering, Okhotsk and Japanese Seas.

For reference:

The head crab vessel was named after the long-distance sailing captain Georgy Ivanovich Alexandrov (1882-1939), whose name is associated with the formation and development of the Far Eastern fishing fleet.

The main dimensions of the vessel:

Length: 57.70 m
Width: 12.60 m
Sea endurance: 40 days
Full speed: 12.6 knots
Main engine power: 1,620 kW
Power of the bow thruster: 400 kW
Crew capacity: 24 people
Volume of tanks for transporting live crab: 640 cubic meters
Capacity for live crab: 120 tons

Photos provided by Russian Crab Company Group