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Pilots of the Murmansk Branch provide pilotage assistance for a floating drilling rig in the Kola Bay

On the night of May 4-5, 2023, the pilot service of FSUE “Rosmorport” Murmansk Branch successfully carried out a complex pilotage operation involving the removal from 4 anchors and towing a semi-submersible floating drilling rig (SSFDR) "Northern Lights" of the Gazprom Shelfproject, JSC to the exit from the Kola Bay.

Pilots of the Murmansk Branch Ivan Ordin, Andrey Rybin and Mikhail Senichev participated in the work.

The operation involved 2 port tugboats and 2 offshore tugboats, and required high professionalism of the pilot services specialists of the Branch in terms of managing such a number of vessels at the same time.

During the operations, the "Northern Lights" SSFDR was successfully removed from 4 anchor systems and towed to the exit from the Kola Bay.

Next, the tow order will go to the drilling area in the Barents Sea.