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FSUE “Rosmorport” increases the number of dredgers at VСSSC

Nine dredgers arrived at the site of the repair dredging at the Volga-Caspian Sea Shipping Canal (VСSSC). It is expected that three more vessels of the dredging fleet will arrive at the VСSSC by the end of the week.

Most of the vessels have already started dredging operations due to the improvement of weather conditions that hindered the operation of vessels on weekends. The installation of shore pipes is being completed on several dredgers.

As part of the group deployed at the VСSSC, there are the following vessels of FSUE “Rosmorport”: Petr Sablin, Artemiy Volynsky, Ivan Cheremisinov, Kronshlot and Severo-Zapadny-503, as well as dredgers involved by the enterprise: Arkady Kardakov, Professor Lukin, Moguchy and Belyana.

In total, up to 18 dredgers, including 6 vessels of the enterprise's own fleet, will be involved in repair dredging throughout the VСSSC in 2023. For the current year, dredging operations in the amount of 12 million cubic meters are preliminarily planned at the VСSSC, being twice the figure of 2022 (5 million cubic meters).

According to the results of the development of the VСSSC, the ship passage of vessels with a draft of at least 4.5 m, indicated in the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, will be ensured with the preservation of certain sections of one-way vessel traffic by the end of 2023.