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Sports contest dedicated to the National Unity Day held on Khersones sailing boat

Sports contest dedicated to the National Unity Day held on Khersones sailing boat

The all-sports competitions, dedicated to the state holiday - National Unity Day, took place on board the FSUE “Rosmorport” Khersones sailing training boat on November 4, 2022. To conduct spectacular contest, the sailboat anchored at the roadstead of the seaport of Yalta.

The Spartakiad was attended by cadets of the Kerch State Maritime Technological University (KSMTU), a Russian institution of higher education that trains personnel for the fishing industry and the international merchant fleet.

At the moment, 107 students of KSMTU are undergoing sailing practice onboard the sailboat; it will last until the end of November. This is the third shift of cadets in the current year at Khersones sailing boat.

Traditionally, during the sailing practice, cadets learn to navigate at sea, make astronomical calculations, work with masts and sails, and keep watches at the rudder. They are assisted by four experienced mentors. In addition, teachers organize sports competitions and creative contests to unite students and form a team spirit. A festive cake was baked on a sailboat for the winners and participants of the sports contest.

For reference:

Khersones sailing boat is a training three-master frigate, the training base of the Sevastopol Branch of the Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University (home port – town of Sochi). 26 sails are operated solely in manual mode and are the main propulsion of the vessel. The sailboat was built in 1989 in Poland at the Gdansk Shipyard named after V.I. Lenin (chief designer – Zygmunt Choren). Initially, it was named Alexander Green, but after the construction was completed, it was renamed Khersones in honor of the 1000th anniversary of the Christianization of Rus’.

Technical characteristics of the training vessel:

Maximum length (with bowsprit): 108.6 m
Maximum width: 14.0 m
Maximum draft: 7.3 m
Variable masses (deadweight): 840 tons
Mainmast height: 51 m