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The Khersones sailing boat accepts the first crew of cadets in 2022

The navigation practice for the first crew of cadets of the current year has started on the Khersones sailing training boat.

On June 1, being at the seaport of Sevastopol, the sailing boat accepted on board 107 cadets and 4 heads of practice from the Sevastopol branch of the FSFEI HE “Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University”, the Institute of Water Transport named after G.Y. Sedov, another branch of the FSFEI HE “Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University”, as well as from the FSAEI HE “Murmansk State Technical University”.

During the navigation practice, which will last for the first crew through the end of July 2022, the cadets will have the opportunity to work out theoretical knowledge, obtained at university, and to gain the necessary sailing qualification for further work within their specialty.

This year the Khersones sailboat is to leave for its first training cruise by mid-June. Before putting out to sea, the students of the maritime universities are to undergo basic training on board and gain permission to work at heights with sail rigging.