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Viktor Chernomyrdin icebreaker goes on ice trials

In accordance with the navigation schedule, the Viktor Chernomyrdin icebreaker completed escorts in the Gulf of Finland and arrived in Murmansk, from where it is heading to the Arctic for planned ice trials.

Ice tests are planned to be carried out in the Kara Sea, in areas where the thickness of ice and its strength correspond to the test methodology.

Icebreaker Viktor Chernomyrdin is able to move continuously in a continuous ice field up to 2 m thick, as well as perform icebreaking operations with ice thickness up to 3 m.

On board the icebreaker are members of the scientific expedition: representatives of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, the Krylov State Scientific Center, as well as representatives of the FSUE "Rosmorport".

The ice testing program is designed for 10-15 days, depending on the actual state of the ice fields and the remoteness of the testing areas.

For reference:

The diesel-electric icebreaker Viktor Chernomyrdin has a propeller power of 25 MW, has an ice class of Icebreaker8, and is capable of speeds up to 17.8 knots in clear water. Autonomy of work is up to 60 days.

This is a modern, high-tech and maneuverable vessel. Automation of the icebreaker's work is carried out using a computer control and monitoring system, its volume makes it possible to operate the mechanical installation without the constant presence of maintenance personnel in the engine rooms and in the central control room. The composition of the navigational equipment allows one person to control the vessel on the navigation bridge.

The multifunctional icebreaker has two helipads. It is capable not only of carrying out icebreaking assistance, but also of participating in scientific expeditions and search and rescue operations, transporting containers and also performing the functions of a fire-fighting vessel.