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The Marshal Rokossovsky dual-fuel ferry for Ust-Luga - Baltiysk line to arrive at Baltiysk soon

Russia's first innovative dual-fuel road-railway ferry Marshal Rokossovsky, after accepting a bunker and supply stocks, has set out from the raid of the port of Tuzla (Istanbul) to the Kaliningrad region.

Despite difficult weather conditions the vessel is meeting with, the ferry is expected to arrive at Baltiysk in the third decade of January 2022.

The ferry was built by order and at the expense of FSUE "Rosmorport". The construction was carried out by the Nevsky Shipyard LLC in cooperation with Turkish dockyard The Kuzey Star Shipyard. The design of the vessel was developed by the Marine Engineering Bureau - Design - SPb LLC.

In the nearest future, the ferry will be put on the Ust-Luga - Baltiysk line, strategically important for Russia. Till the end of 2022 the fleet engaged in this ferry line is expected to be reinforced by another vessel, the General Chernyakhovsky ferry, which is currently being under construction by order of FSUE "Rosmorport".

Putting into operation of two new "green" ferries will make it possible to improve transport safety of the Kaliningrad region, to redirect part of the cargo traffic which is currently going through the territories of neighboring countries to the territory of Russia, as well as to provide transportation of cargo in the volumes required for domestic consumption.

Using of environmentally clean fuel will reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere by 20-30 %, nitrogen oxides – by over 90 %, sulfur oxides and carbon black – by 100 % compared to similar vessels running on traditional heavy fuel.

Both ferries for the Ust-Luga – Baltiysk line are named after prominent Soviet commanders: first was named after twice named Hero of the USSR Konstantin Rokossovsky, the only marshal in the history of the Soviet Union of two countries, USSR and Poland, and the second was named after twice named Hero of the USSR, General of the Army Ivan Chernyakhovsky.

The main purpose of the ferry:

The vessel is designed to carry Russian standard railway trains with a gauge of 1,520 mm, as well as other rolling cargoes, including dangerous goods, up to 30 refrigerated containers (20-foot).

Basic technical characteristics of the vessel:

Class according to the Russian Maritime        
Shipping Register:
ECO GFS Ro-ro ship
Maximum length, m: 199.9
Width, m: 27
Side height to the upper deck, m: 14.7
Draught at the summer waterline, m: 6
Speed in clean waters, knots: 16.5
Crew/beds, persons: 22/36