General news

Decrease in transshipment of dry cargo in the seaports of Russia during the period from January to April of 2021 continues, according to the analytics of FSUE “Rosmorport”

In general, the cargo turnover in the seaports of Russia during the period from January to April 2021 decreased by 4.2% compared to the same period of the last year, or to 268.81 million tons. At the same time, transshipment of bulk cargo decreased by 12.6%, or to 138.67 million tons, mainly due to a decrease in transshipment of oil (by 18.4%) and petroleum products (by 5.4%).

The cargo turnover for dry cargo increased by 6.6% compared to the results of the first four months of 2020, or to 130.14 million tons.

In the first quarter of 2021, the seaports of the Far Eastern (11.5%), Azov-Black Sea and Baltic (5.7% each) basins showed an increase in dry cargo turnover. The increase in dry cargo turnover was recorded in the seaports of Taman – by 98.8%, Vladivostok – by 37.7%, Vanino – by 24%, Ust-Luga – by 13.8%, Nakhodka – by 8.9%, Azov – by 14.8%, Tuapse – by 10%, Big Port St. Petersburg – by 1.7%, Shakhtersk – by 29.1%, Eysk – by 13.7%, Vyborg – by 57%, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – by 7.5%, Taganrog – by 6.5%, Nevelsk – by 6.5%, Novorossiysk – by 0.1%, Olga – by 1.6%.

The maximum increase among dry cargoes was recorded in transshipment of coal and coke by 17.7%, ferrous metals – by 17.1%, cargos in containers – by 3.1%, chemical and mineral fertilizers – by 3.8%, sugar, refrigerated cargos – by 20.4% (including fish and fish products by 34.9%), rolling cargos (ro-ro) – by 17.3%.

The amount of export cargos transferred is 215 million tons (-2.6%), imported cargos – 12.6 million tons (+ 4.4%), transit cargos – 21 million tons (-8.6%), inland cargos – 20.2 million tons (-18.8%).

According to the results of work from January till April 2021, 2391 passenger ships were served in seaports (2.4 times growth) and 1589.8 thousand people were served by maritime passenger terminals. The main number of passengers was served at specialized passenger terminals in the seaports of Sevastopol – 1513.2 thousand people, Yalta – 46.7 thousand people (1.9 times growth), Sochi – 20.8 thousand people (2.4 times growth).

The enterprise revenue on harbor dues for the period from January till April of this year decreased by 4% or to 7.145 billion rubles, due to a decrease in the total volume indicators of serviced vessels by 6.7% or to 543.1 million GT, including due to overseas vessels (the share in the total volume is 85%) to 464 million GT (-5.5%) and inland vessels to 79 million GT (-13%).

The decrease in volume indicators of serviced vessels is mainly due to a decrease in the volume of transshipment of bulk cargos (oil and oil products) in the seaports of Novorossiysk, Primorsk, Ust-Luga, volume of transshipment of grain in the seaports of the Kavkaz, Rostov-on-Don, Azov, volume of transshipment of coal and coke in the seaport of Vostochny, the number of ships entering the seaports of Nakhodka, Vostochny, Vladivostok and Kaliningrad for bunkering.

The number of pilot operations carried out by FSUE "Rosmorport" in the first quarter of 2021 decreased by 1% or to 51.3 thousand operations compared to the same period of 2020 due to a decrease in ship entries amid the pandemic.