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FSUE "Rosmorport" carries out repair dredging works in the seaport of Arkhangelsk

FSUE "Rosmorport" carries out repair dredging works in the seaport of Arkhangelsk

The dredgers of FSUE "Rosmorport" began repair dredging works on the main navigation channel of the seaport of Arkhangelsk.

The planned volume of repair dredging on the channels of the seaport of Arkhangelsk during the navigation period 2021 is 1.16 million cubic meters. The completion of these works will ensure safety of navigation of vessels with a draft of up to 9.2 m.

Self-propelled dredgers Beloye More and Severnaya Dvina will be used to carry out repair dredging works in the seaport of Arkhangelsk.

In 2020, these dredgers performed dredging at various maritime facilities in the north-western part of Russia: the Baltic region, the White Sea, the Ob Bay. Facing difficult hydrometeorological conditions of the Ob Bay, new dredgers for the first time completed technically complex work on the development and backfilling of the trench, which required well-coordinated work and high accuracy positioning the vessel. Despite the difficult conditions, the coordinated work of the crews of the vessels made it possible to carry out the work qualitatively within the established terms and confirmed the high level of professional skills and experience of the crew members.

In accordance with the Plan of dredging and positioning of vessels of the dredging fleet of the FSUE "Rosmorport" for 2020, the dredgers Severnaya Dvina and Beloye More provided dredging work in the amount of 2.0 million m3 (seaports of Kaliningrad and Arkhangelsk). In fact, during 2020 navigation period, the dredging in the abovementioned seaports was carried out in the amount of 3.4 million m3.