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During winter navigation period 2020-2021, FSUE "Rosmorport" provided about 8 000 vessels with icebreaking assistance

In accordance with the approved plan for icebreakers location during the winter navigation period 2020-2021, the icebreakers of FSUE "Rosmorport" successfully completed work on piloting vessels in the freezing seaports of Russia and on approaches to them.

During the completed winter navigation period, the enterprise provided about 8 000 vessels with icebreaking assistance. This season, the availability of Russian seaports and uninterrupted navigation as part of the icebreaker fleet was provided by the Viktor Chernomyrdin, the largest and most powerful diesel-electric icebreaker in the world (capacity of 34.8 MW, Icebreaker 8 ice class) which became part of the fleet in 2020.

FSUE “Rosmorport” began to perform icebreaking pilotages of vessels from December 7, 2020.

The icebreaking group of FSUE "Rosmorport" is the largest icebreaking group in the world and provides pilotage services in 15 freezing seaports of Russia.