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14 children, winners of the "My Port" project, will take part in the author's program "On the "Seas" Around the Earth" in the All-Russian Children's Center "Okean"

Fourteen young sailors, winners of the competition of the career guidance project "My Port" will take part in the author's program "On the "Seas" around the Earth" of the All-Russian Children's Center "Okean", located on the coast of unique natural object – the Sea of Japan.

During the 7th thematic shift (May 28 – June 17, 2021), participants will have a fascinating acquaintance with the history of great geographical discoveries, Russian circumnavigations and iconic sea expeditions through search and research activities in the context of the story and role-playing game.

Guided by skilled professionals of the "Okeanskaya Eskadra" squad, the children will master the rigging and knitting technique of sea knots, get acquainted with sea navigation, learn how to sail on the rowing and sailing vessel "YaL-6" and on the "Optimist" class dinghy, learn drill practice, as well as self-organization in unfamiliar situations.

In memory of participating in a marine profile shift aimed at early professional orientation of children in the field of marine activities, the children of the "Okeanskaya Eskadra" will receive branded equipment of the FSUE "Rosmorport".

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FSUE "Rosmorport" successfully implements the socially oriented innovative educational project "My Port" for the early vocational guidance of children. Thanks to this initiative, every child from 11 to 16 (17) years old who is passionate about marine subjects has a unique opportunity to obtain a voucher to one of the best children's centers of Russia – Russian Children's Centre "Orlyonok", International Children’s Center "Artek", All-Russian Children's Center "Okean".