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Kapitan Nikolaev performs pilotage of vessels through the ice in the seaport of Ust-Luga

FSUE "Rosmorport" icebreaker Kapitan Nikolaev began to provide pilotage of vessels in ice from the point of formation of caravans to the water area of ​​the seaport of Ust-Luga.

The icebreaker Kapitan Nikolaev is second in the series of four icebreakers of the Kapitan Sorokin class, its ice class is Icebreaker 7, and its power is 18 MW.

The FSUE "Rosmorport" icebreaker group in the Gulf of Finland consists of 6 linear and 6 port icebreakers. To reinforce the grouping, in January the linear icebreaker Kapitan Dranitsyn arrived at the seaport of Big Port Saint Petersburg. At the moment, 5 linear and 5 port icebreakers are involved in the work in the Gulf of Finland.

During the winter period of 2020-2021, FSUE “Rosmorport” began to provide pilotage services starting from December 7. The icebreaking group of FSUE “Rosmorport” is the largest icebreaking group in the world. In total, the fleet of the enterprise includes 36 icebreakers and icebreaking tugs of various capacities, which provide pilotage in 15 freezing seaports of Russia.

Since the beginning of ice navigation of 2020-2021, the FSUE "Rosmorport" icebreakers have navigated more than 4,000 ships through the ice.