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Winners of the My Port 2020 project will have guaranteed admission to children centers in 2021

Winners of the My Port 2020 project will have guaranteed admission to children centers in 2021

Within the framework of the educational project "My Port 2020" held by FSUE “Rosmorport”, the winners of the competitive selection from various regions of Russia will take part in thematic shifts in the largest children centers in 2021. In order to ensure the safe stay of children in the centers, in accordance with the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, a set of anti-epidemic measures aimed at protecting people against COVID-19 has been developed.

The winners of the competitive selection of the My Port 2020 program from Primorsky Territory, as well as from the Astrakhan and Volgograd regions, will be sent to the Russian Children Center Orlyonok for the second thematic shift (5, 6 – 25, 26 of February).

Project participants from the Astrakhan region and Primorsky Territory will take part in the Reading Orlyonok children's book festival in the children's camp Stremitelny, which will allow the teenagers to get acquainted with the process of creating an author's book.

As part of participation in the authorial educational program "Vector of future: marine professions" of the children's camp Shtormovoy (RCC Orlyonok), winners from the Volgograd region will get acquainted with maritime affairs.

Training at the Academy of Maritime Professions will allow young sailors not only to broaden their knowledge, but also gain practical experience in this area: the children will learn semaphore, rigging, history and traditions of the fleet, as well as master the knitting technique of the basic sailor nodes and basic control skills of the rowing and sailing boat. The most active and purposeful participants will be awarded with game sea ranks of the camp Shtormovoy: "Young sailor", "Sailor", "Senior sailor".

ICC Artek also started to receive children from Russian regions again, the camp is ready to receive the winners of My Port 2020 competitive selection, preliminary starting from the sixth thematic shift. 

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FSUE “Rosmorport” successfully implements the socially oriented innovative educational project My Port for the early vocational guidance of children. Thanks to this initiative, every child from 11 to 16 (17) years old who is passionate about marine subjects has a unique opportunity to become an owner of a voucher to one of the best children's centers of Russia – Russian Children's Centre Orlyonok, International Children’s Center Artek, All-Russian Children's Center Okean.