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Unique vessel launched at the Onego Shipyard

A solemn ceremony was held in Petrozavodsk at the Onego Shipyard on January 28, 2020 to launch the Anatoly Klimov workboat. For the first time a parallel hybrid propulsion unit is used on the boat, which is being built on FSUE “Rosmorport” order.

The boat was laid in 2019 and became the first among the two vessels of ST23WIM-Н Project with the use of latest innovation solutions in the field of electric propulsion. The key figure of the boat is to combine different modes of interaction of main propulsion engines, diesel generators and consumer batteries. When moving at the small speed it is possible to use only the diesel generator. In addition, the boat will be able to move exclusively with the use of batteries, but without fuel. Such decision will allow for optimizing costs of operation, increasing the service life of ship’s equipment and reducing the negative impact on the environment.

The new boat has an increased area of navigation: in compliance with its constructive parameters it responds to the Ice3 Class and it is designed for navigating in freezing non-Arctic seas. Moreover, its nautical characteristics have been improved considerably.

The event involved representatives of regional and municipal authorities, heads of profile organizations, the personnel of the Onego Shipyard headed by its director Vladimir Maizus.

Head of the group for the Onego Shipyard hull structures design Yekaterina Ivashkina became the godmother of the boat. She has been working in the shipbuilding industry for 28 years. By the fleet’s tradition a bottle of champagne has been broken over the hull of the ship to mark the start of its new life.

The workboat has been named in honor of the Navy Distinguished Employee, veteran of labor, Anatoly Georgiyevich Klimov, who has been the head of the FSUE “Rosmorport” Vanino Branch for many years. It is the seaports of Khabarovsk Territory where the boat will carry pilots, members of commissions, crewmembers and make environmental monitoring in water areas of the seaports and other types of work.

Specifications of the vessel:
Length, m: 25,5
Breadth, m:
Draft, m:
Crew/special personnel, persons:       
Main propulsion units, kW:
Diesel generators, kW: