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FSUE “Rosmorport” receives permit to put reconstructed facility in the seaport of Kaliningrad into operation

Pursuant to Permit No 39-RU39513000-46-2016 of December 14, 2019 issued by the Agency for Architecture, Urban Development and Long-Term Growth of Kaliningrad Region a reconstructed facility of major construction pf cargo passenger motor ferry and railway ferry terminals in Baltiysk, Kaliningrad Region, has been put into operation.

The reconstruction and the construction of the port infrastructure, including the construction and further operation of a container terminal with the capacity of 300.000 TEU have been made since March 2017 with the Baltic Stevedoring Company, LLC within the scope of public private partnership.

FSU|E “Rosmorport”, which is a customer of the project, reconstructed Berth No 2, built crane tracks of 180 meters in length. Totally, FSUE “Rosmorport” invested over 159 million Rubles.

The Baltic Stevedoring Company, LLC, is planning to install a Liebherr P131L-Super rail mounted gantry crane with the capacity of 45 tons. The crane is designed for processing maritime containers.

The implementation of this infrastructural project in the seaport of Kaliningrad, in Baltiysk, has major importance to develop transport and logistics hub and facilitates the increase in transshipment in the seaport and the growth of vessel calls at the respective sea terminal. The terminal will process design vessels of up to 160 meters in length, up to 8.5 meters in draught load, up to 22.000 tons in deadweight and it will become the most important chain of transit to Europe from China under the project “New Silk Road”.