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Сreativity Сompetition “Honour and Glory of the Russian Land” results

In anticipation of the Marine and River Fleet Employee Day the FSUE “Rosmorport” summed up the results of the Сreativity Сompetition “Honour and Glory of the Russian Land”. The competition was held among the FSUE “Rosmorport” employees and their children as well as the sponsored orphan asylum children and was confined to the 10th anniversary from the Enterprise establishment date.

The Enterprise Headquarters have received about 200 works of the participants during the preliminary round. The most active have become participants from the Azov Basin, Astrakhan, Vladivostok branches, the North-West Basin Branch Kaliningrad department and the sponsored orphan asylums of the Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin branch.

The FSUE “Rosmorport” senior management congratulates the winners, thanks everyone for the active participation and wishes good luck in future creative work!

Here is the winners list:

age-group from 5 to 7:
Abdulin Daniel – “At the sea bottom” (Far Eastern Branch);
Alekseeva Dana – “Storm” (Azov Basin Branch);
Demidenko Darya – “Dreams about distant countries” (Azov Basin Branch);
Ivanova Anna – “Mess delivery” (Astrakhan Branch);
Ovcharova Arina – “Dreams about far voyages” (Azov Basin Branch);
Procenko Kirill – “Bora” – faster than the wind” (Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch);
Repko Ivan – “Above the rainbow” (Astrakhan Branch);
Reshetka Feodor – “The end of the ice navigation at the Taganrog seaport” (Azov Basin Branch);
Rykova Angelina – “Mother’s job” (Far Eastern Branch);
Sumina Darya – “Sunset at the port” (Astrakhan Branch);
Shkurko Elena – “Sailing vessel at the sea” (North-West Basin Branch Kaliningrad department);
Yakovlev Dmitry – “The future master” (Astrakhan Branch);

age-group from 8 to 10:
Gorbunova Nelly – “Lonely lighthouse” (Sakhalin Branch);
Grushevskaya Victoriya – “To the future in full sail!” (North-West Basin Branch Kaliningrad department);
Lebedeva Raisa – “The north ways of Russia” (Arkhangelsk Branch);
Ogarev Alexander – “A sailor” (Azov Basin Branch);
Oskina Angelina – “At the seaport” (North-West Basin Branch Kaliningrad department);
Pykhonina Sophia – “The “Russia” research-and-development vessel of the future” (Sakhalin Branch);
Trekin Ivan – “The Arctic region light” (Murmansk Branch);

age-group from 11 to 13:
Demeyankov Ilya – “The Krasin icebreaker at present” (North-West Basin Branch Kaliningrad department);
Knyazev Vitaly – “We will crack the hard ice – let the fleet come through the Volga river!” (Arkhangelsk Branch);
Korshunova Nadezhda – “At the seaport” (North-West Basin Branch Kaliningrad department);
Ledyaeva Aleksandra – “Winter at the Gulf of Finland” (North-West Basin Branch);
Repko Elena – “Dreams about the future” (Astrakhan Branch);
Shevchenko Eugenia – “My sailing vessel is ripping to the fantastic world” (Azov Basin Branch);

age-group from 14 to 17:
Zhibul Julia – “The Pilot-3 pilot boat” (North-West Basin Branch Kaliningrad department);
Leshevich Galina – “Peter’s heritage” (Azov Basin Branch);
Repko Stanislav – “Marine dynasty” (Astrakhan Branch);

Among the orphan asylum children:
Konochev Daniel – “The sea of hopes” (Kaliningrad);
Kryshneva Elena – “At the seaport of Kaliningrad” (Kaliningrad);
Grigoryan Vladimir – “A hope” (Novorossiysk);
Korenkova Julia – “A portrait of a sailor” (Novorossiysk);
Suvorov Andrew – “Sunset at the open sea” (Novorossiysk);
Chekh Elena – “Hello, the Antarctic Continent!” (Novorossiysk);

Among the FSUE “Rosmorport” employees:
Maksimenko Elena Anatolyevna – “The fleet of the future” (Petropavlovsk Branch);

Veliev Eldar, "We have come today to the port" slideshows (Vladivostok Branch);
Epiphanova Svetlana Eugenievna – “The Maintenance service of the road-and-rail ferry complex” photo album (North-West Basin Branch Kaliningrad department);
Ermolenko Victor Ivanovich – “The Aniva lighthouse” (Sakhalin Branch);
Zheleznov Gennady Georgievich – “The Russian fleet future” (North-West Basin Branch Kaliningrad department);
Zaitsev Eduard Vyacheslavovich – “The icebreakers work” (North-West Basin Branch);
Krapiva Alexey Vladimirovich – “A morning at the seaport” (Azov Basin Branch);
Kuznetsov Ilya Viktorovich – “The seaport of Baltiysk today” ” (Azov Basin Branch);
Kuznetsov Paul – “The Arctic Region reclaiming” photo collage (Arkhangelsk Branch);
Vetrova Irina Alekseevna – “The end of the Astrakhan business trip working day” (The Headquarters);

Poetry and songs:
Grass Grigory Yurievich – “A poem on the VTS operators work” (Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch);
Demidov Ivan – a poem “My dreams” (Astrakhan Branch);
Kulikov Sergey Borisovich, Olkhovka Andrew Leonidovich – original song and music video “The VTS hymn” (North-West Basin Branch Kaliningrad department);
Nesterov Oleg Grigorievich – a poem “Music of the work. River of the time” (Vladivostok Branch);
Yakusheva Irina Leonidovna – a poem “The 10th anniversary is the beginning of the life” (Petropavlovsk Branch);
Yanchenko Svetlana Vladimirovna – a poem “I will become a master!” (Azov Basin Branch);
Eskina Vasilina Vladimirovna – a poem “Semen Dezhnev” (Vanino Branch).

The works of our talents are available in the “Events” division.