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A 25 mWt icebreaker to be laid down for FSUE "Rosmorport"

On October 10 a new generation 25 mWt-power diesel icebreaker of project 22600* will be laid down for FSUE "Rosmorport" at LLC Baltiyskiy zavod – sudostroyeniye.

FSUE "Rosmorport" is planning to use the icebreaker to assist vessels in ice conditions as an auxiliary icebreaker among complex caravans on the Northern Sea Route, and also for independent assistance to vessels in shallow Arctic areas, and in estuaries of rivers, for helping to unload cargo on land-fast ice, for towing ships and other floating constructions in ice and in plain water, for expeditor voyages, firefighting at vessels and oil-extracting platforms. The contract deadline for the icebreaker construction is November 2015.

The 22600 icebreaker is a powerful diesel-electrical icebreaker with a wide range of functional capabilities. It is planned to be constructed in the framework of a programme for renewal of the state icebreaking fleet. The programme also stipulates construction of three 16 mWt icebreakers by 2015 financed from federal budget, and also elaboration of a new projeact of a shallow-draft icebreaker for the Azov and Caspian seas and start of construction of four such icebreakers in 2014. Thus, in a mid-term, the state diesel icebreakers fleet secured to FSUE "Rosmorport" will be considerably renewed.

Today FSUE "Rosmorport" disposes of the largest group of diesel icebreakers in the world, which are used for assisting vessels in winter navigation in most Russian seaports. Ice groups were formed in advance for the 2012-2013 winter navigation in all sea basins of Russia to enable navigation safety and constant work of the freezing seaports. For example,it is supposed to use 4 icebreakers and 6 tow boats of ice class in the Far-Eastern Basin, 3 icebreakers in the Caspian Sea, 6 icebreakers in the White Sea, 16 icebreakers in the Baltic sea.

*Major specifications of 22600 icebreaker:
Length: 142.0 m;
Width: 29.0 m;
Board height: 16.2 m;
Max draught: 9.50 m;
Full tonnage: 22,130 t;
Gross tonnage: approx. 20,450;
Main engines power: 4х8,700 kWt;
Two helipads, helicopter angar, self-piloting air complex;
Powerful cargo crane with capacity of 150 tons;
Mobile diving complex;
Crew: 38 people;
Personnel: 90 people.