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The FSUE "Rosmorport" in the list of companies, regulated by the Federal Tariff Service of Russia

By the Federal Tariff Service Order dated 05.06.2012 №137-т/3 on "Approval of the list of natural monopoly subjects in transport branches, ports and airports, regulated by the Federal Tariff Service of Russia" the consolidated list of 164 companies (natural monopolies), operating in sea ports and transport terminals, regulated by the Federal Tariff Service of Russia in accordance with the current legislation.

This document also generalized information about companies, regulated by the FTS, operating in river ports and airports.

State regulation of the FSUE "Rosmorport" as a natural monopoly subject, is carried out since 2004, when the Enterprise, in accordance with the decree of the Federal Energy Commission of Russia dated 30.04.2004 № 31-т/12, was included in Section III "Ports and Transport Terminals Services" of the natural monopoly subjects in transport register under the registration number 77/3/6.

Additional Information: 

The Federal Energy Commission of Russia, which earlier regulated the activity of natural monopoly subjects in fuel-energy complex and transport and also regulated tariffs on electric and thermal energy, was transformed into the Federal Tariff Service of Russia in March, 2004 in accordance with the President of Russia Order dater 09.03.2004 №314 "On Federal Executive Authorities System and Structure". In June, 2004 the Federal Tariff Service of Russia Statute was approved by the Govenment of Russian Federation decree dated 30.06.2004 №332.

Today the FST is the federal executive authority, which regulates natural monopolies: prices and tariffs in power industry, oil and gas complex, railway and other transport, services in transport terminals, ports and airports, public electronic and postal communication services and other goods and services to be regulated by the state in accordance with the current legislation on Russian Federation.