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New buoy-maintenance vessel for the North-West basin branch

April 28 saw the launching of project BLV01 type buoy-maintenance vessel Lotsmeister-1 for the needs of the North-West basin branch.

The vessel is designed to install, maintain and lift aids to navigation on the approaches and in the seaport's water area, to inspect sea ground, to search for the drowned objects with side-scanning sonar and hydrographic echosounder. Also, the vessel is able to take part in oil spill response operations as an auxiliary equipment supplier or as boom-laying boat during boom installation. Moreover, the Lotsmeister is able to collect sewage waters from vessels.

The vessels project is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau. Keel Laying Ceremony took place on July the 15th, 2010. The vessel’s type is a steel one-decked propelled twin-screw boat with forecastle, transom aft end and stern crinolines, with forward working deck, which allows to set four БМБЛ-78 buoys with anchors simultaneously. Also, the vessel is staffed with main engines, deckhouse in the aft and a cargo crane.

The vessel’s length is 43 meters av., width – 9,2 m, draught – 2,5 meters, deadweight – 221 tons av. Nominal capacity of 2 main engines reaches 405 kW each, velocity is not less than 10 knots.

The FSUE “Rosmorport” press secretary