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Rosmorport presented the project of Ro-Ro terminal construction at “Sochi-2010” forum

FSUE “Rosmorport” created and presented the development project of northeast cargo region of the seaport of Kavkaz (Temruk region, Krasnodar territory) at “Sochi-2010” forum. The project realization will lead to about 60 % transfer of Ro-Ro transshipment market from Russian Black Sea ports to the seaport of Kavkaz.

One of the advantages of the new terminal is its location in the seaport of Kavkaz, in the meeting point of Azov and Black Seas. Both river and sea ships can be serviced by the terminal.

Within the limits of the project modern port facilities complex with protected water area up to 8 m deep, coastal infrastructure and approaching roads and railways will be constructed on the dedicated and artificially created territories. The terminal will include 2 Ro-Ro berths. Total area of the terminal will be 24,7 hectares. Project capacity of the terminal is up to 5 000 thousand tons per year. The project includes logistics center development also.

Project realization terms are from 2010 till 2012, in particular: 
   - object commissioning – Q4 2011.

The project is supposed to be realized on the basis of state-private partnership:
- FSUE “Rosmorport” is the client for designing and construction of the state property objects funded from the federal budget. The volume of investment is 2 660 million rubles from the federal budget (federal target program “Russian Transport System Development (2010-2015)”);
- Federal Agency For the State Border Development is the client for check points construction. The volume of investment is 284,1 million rubles from the federal budget;
- Designing company specially created by FSUE “Rosmorport” and private investor will be the client for designing and development of the private property objects.

Long-term (up to 49 years) leasing contracts with operators and investors are planned. Russian and Turkish transportation companies interested in the given project realization are considered as potential investors.

Reference: total volume of Ro-Ro transshipment in the ports of the Black Sea was about 4 500 thousand tons in 2009. Actual volume of Ro-Ro transshipment in the Russian ports was 2455 thousand tons in 2009. The majority of operators and services in Ro-Ro transportation market is servicing Turkish-Russian trade. Russian share in the structure of Turkish sea cargo transportation is 63 %. Ukraine is at the second place with much less share of about 20 %.