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The Government of Russia approved Regulations on Authorities of the State Transport Inspectors

By the governmental order of the Russian Federation from June, 9th, 2010 № 409 regulations on authorities of Federal Agency of Supervision in Sphere of Transport officials, carrying out control (supervising) functions (hereinafter referred to as “Regulations”) were approved.

Regulations define authorities of the state transport inspectors, Federal Agency of Supervision in Sphere of Transport and its territorial bodies officials carrying out control (supervising) functions in various spheres of transport, and also maintenance of transport safety.

According to the given Regulations in the sea transport sphere, in particular, the state transport inspector carries out the control (supervision) over:
- Realization of measures on safety functioning of transport infrastructure objects and vehicles by companies, individuals and businessmen carrying out activity in the field of sea transport;
- Observance of the legal requirements of the Russian Federation and international contracts of the Russian Federation on sea and internal water transport by subjects of a transport complex, including:
• Rules of passenger, luggage and cargo transportation;
• Safety requirements for vessels operation;
• Rules of waterways and navigation aids maintenance in the internal waterways of the Russian Federation;
• Requirements to operation safety of port and ship hydrotechnical installations;
• Rules of crews members training for sea, river, and sport sailing vessels;
• Rules of certain registers conducting.

Besides the established functions in control (supervision) sphere, Regulations defines authorities of the state transport inspectors, their rights, duties, and responsibilities.