Far Eastern Basin Branch Structure


Pilot Service

Service for the Operation and Development of Onshore Navigation Safety Systems
     - Vessels Traffic Management Service (Vladivostok)

        • Radio Engineering Department

        • Technical Support Department
    - Vessels Traffic Management Service (Nakhodka)

        • Radio Engineering Department

        • Technical Support Department
     - Coastal Safety Management Systems Department

Fleet Technical Maintenance Service

Commercial Fleet Service

Service of Communication, Electronic and Radio Navigation and Information Technologies

     - Department of Communications and Electronic and Radio navigation

     - Department of Information Technologies

Department of Environmental Protection and Port Activity

Department of Navigation and Hydrographic Support and Survey Work

Dispatcher's Office
Ship Crews
Professor Khlyustin Training Vessel
Nadezhda Training Sailing Ship
Department of Capital Construction and Repair
Accounting Office
Financial and Economic Service

Department of State Property Management

Legal Department

Department of Human Resources

Procurement Division

Department of Mobilization Training, Civil Defense and Emergencies

Restricted Secret Unit

Security Sector

Sector of Power Supply

Fire Safety Sector

Department for Technical Monitoring of Waters

Technical Protection Group
Administrative Office
Economic Department
- Procurement Sector
Household Complex

Sector for Labor Protection

Olga Department

Posyet Department

FSUE “Rosmorport” Far Eastern Basin Branch Eastern Department
Pilot Service
Navigation and Hydrographic Support Sector

Department of Fleet Operation and Maintenance

Dispatcher's Office

Department for Technical Supervision over Waters
Ship Crews

Capital Construction and Repairs Department
Chief Power Engineer

Sector for Environmental Protection

Department of Accounting, Taxation and Statistics

Financial and Economic Department

State Property Management Branch

Legal Department

Human Resources Sector

Sector of Labor Protection

Security Department

Restricted Secret Unit

Sector for Mobilization Training, Civil Defense and Emergencies

Technical Support Center of Far Eastern Branches

     - Department of Information Technologies

     - Software Department
Maintenance Department

Transportation Department

Administrative Office