Far Eastern Basin Branch News

The seaport of Tiksi opens for foreign vessels calls

By Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1373-r dated 27.05.2023, the seaport of Tiksi has been included in the list of seaports open for foreign vessels calls.

The inclusion of the seaport in this list is associated with the planned implementation of the project for the construction of a deep-sea terminal in the Kharaulakh Bay which has depths that will allow receiving vessels with a draft of up to 10 m.

The implementation of this project will contribute to the development both of the seaport of Tiksi and of the Northern Sea Route as a whole.

The FSUE “Rosmorport” Far Eastern Basin Branch in the seaport of Tiksi currently carries out round-the-clock technical monitoring of the seaport water area using the equipment of engineering and technical means of ensuring transport security for the benefit of implementing the requirements for ensuring transport security in the seaport water area.

In order to successfully fulfill the tasks assigned, the divisions of the branch are equipped with modern equipment for vessel identification, a video surveillance system for monitoring of the seaport's water area and communication means for prompt notification of detected violations.

In 2022, during the navigation period in the seaport of Tiksi from July to October, control over transport security has been provided for almost 60 vessels in the branch’s control zone.