Far Eastern Basin Branch News

The Far Eastern Basin Branch completes the overhaul of the berth No. 29 drainage networks in the seaport of Vostochny

In August 2022, the Eastern Directorate of the FSUE “Rosmorport” Far Eastern Basin Branch completed construction, installation and commissioning works on the overhaul of engineering networks for drainage and surface wastewater treatment at the berth No. 29 in the seaport of Vostochny.

The works were organized because of the physical deterioration of existing drainage networks and in order to comply with the current standards for the permissible discharge of substances and microorganisms into water bodies.

The repair work was carried out at the expense of the enterprise's own funds in the period from March to August 2022.

During the work, the reinforced concrete water gutters of rectangular cross-section, covered with a metal grace, were installed, with the creation of sand traps and a separation chamber for polluted and conditionally clean drains. Surface wastewater, after passing these structural elements, follow to a complex wastewater treatment unit equipped in a single fiberglass housing. Here, at the first stage, the wastewater is pre-settled. Floating substances and large inclusions are retained in the cleaning housing. At the second stage, the water undergoes additional purification on thin-layer modules, where mechanical impurities settle. At the third and fourth stages, the process of trapping petroleum products takes place. At the final fifth stage, water is treated with a coal sorbent.

Further, the purified water follows to a modular UV disinfection unit with the efficiency of 99.9 %.

Ultrasonic flow meters with a digital measuring unit and an acoustic system for automatic non-contact measurement of liquid volume and level were installed in front of the separation chamber as part of the major repair works.

The implementation of this project will allow to use the berth No. 29 in the seaport of Vostochny with no negative impact on the environment, providing favorable living conditions for aquatic biological resources in the water area adjacent to the berth.

This is the second project of such kind implemented by the branch in 2022. In June, the branch completed works on overhaul of engineering networks for drainage and surface wastewater treatment of the berth No. 24 facility in the seaport of Nakhodka.