Far Eastern Basin Branch News

Replenishment of the fleet of the Far Eastern Basin Branch

The fleet of the Eastern Directorate of the FSUE "Rosmorport" Far Eastern Basin Branch has been replenished with a new RIB motor boat Sharmax Standard Al No Console 375.

The RIB Sharmax 375 rigid-inflatable boat, acquired by the branch, became the 7th service and crew vessel of the Far Eastern Basin Branch and the 43rd vessel in the entire fleet of the branch.

The motor boat combines the advantages of an inflatable vessel and the strength of rigid structures, an aluminum bottom, which provides increased carrying capacity. Inflatable boards are multi-chamber, with the number of inflatable compartments at least three, strong and durable enough. Thanks to this type of inflatable boards, the vessel can stop even in the most "inconvenient" places for parking, and when one of them breaks through, the boat retains its buoyancy and the ability to move further. In addition, the shock of the waves is better absorbed and the rolling is felt less.

The vessel has a pronounced keel and a comfortable embarkation depth. Operational practice shows that this watercraft easily goes to planing. The V-shaped design improves boat ride and allows you to quickly pick up top speed.

The Eastern Directorate of the Far Eastern Basin Branch plans to use the motorboat as an auxiliary vehicle for carrying out control measurements during dredging operations carried out by the Eastern Directorate of the Branch in the waters of the seaports of Vanino, Vladivostok, Vostochny, Korsakov and Nakhodka.

For reference:

Basic technical characteristics of the vessel:

Length: 3.75 m
Width: 1.76 m
Hull height: 0.48 m
Submersion: 0.32 m
Displacement: 1.05
Navigation area: difficulty category - IV; navigation area - IV
Engine power: 22 kW
Speed: 40 km/h
Weight of the equipped vessel: 850 kg
Lifting capacity: 670 kg
Crew: 1 person
The number of transported special personnel:  5 people