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Far Eastern Basin Branch organizes an excursion to the sailing training ship Nadezhda

At the request of the head of the border control unit "Vladivostok" of the Border Control Department for the Primorsky Territory of the FSB of Russia, the Far Eastern Basin Branch organized an excursion to the sailboat Nadezhda for the pupils of the "Young Friends of Border Guards" detachment on May 27, 2021.

In an hour and a half that the excursion lasted, the children were told a brief history of the sailing fleet of Russia and memorable dates of the historical voyages of the sailing ship Nadezhda.

The schoolchildren and the teachers got acquainted with the construction of the sailing equipment of the STS Nadezhda, the way of life and the process of teaching of the cadets who undergo practical training on board the sailing ship.

Photo by Vasily Vasilevskiy