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Replenishment of the fleet of the Far Eastern Basin Branch

In March 2021, the procedure for transferring of the icebreaker Moskva, which had been previously operated by the North-Western Basin Branch of the enterprise, was completed to the Far Eastern Basin Branch of FSUE “Rosmorport”. FSBI "Administration of seaports of Primorsky Krai and the Eastern Arctic" completed the procedure for re-issuance of documents on registration of the right of economic management for the icebreaker Moskva and a certificate of the right to navigate under the state flag of the Russian Federation.

The icebreaker Moskva became the 4th icebreaker of the Far Eastern Basin Branch and 42th vessel of the entire fleet of the branch.

This icebreaker is the lead ship of project 21900 and is a double-deck vessel with an elongated tank, with engine room located in the middle, with two full-turn screw columns in the stern and a steering device in the bow, with a living room shifted to the bow, a helipad and an open deck in the stern.

When passing at a speed of about 3 knots through flat continuous ice with a strength of 500 kPa and with a snow cover of up to 20 cm with a nominal power on shafts, the icebreaking capability of the vessel is one meter. Icebreaking capability on the rear is the same as on the front.

The main distinguishing feature of the vessel is the ability to carry out work on the entry, withdrawal, relocation and mooring of large-tonnage naval vessels of all types in the water areas of seaports and on raids, including in ice conditions. The icebreaker is equipped with fire extinguishing systems and can take part in extinguishing fires on vessels.

During the winter navigation period 2020-2021, the icebreaker Moskva provided icebreaking assistance for vessels going to the seaports of Vanino and Prigorodnoye.

Today, on the icebreaker Moskva, which is staying at the raid of the seaport of Vladivostok, the maintenance of ship units and machinery is carried out. By the end of the year, the ship will undergo dock repairs aimed at it preparation for the winter navigation period 2021-2022. In future, the Far Eastern Basin Branch also plans to use the icebreaker Moskva to provide icebreaking assistance for vessels in the seaports of Vanino and Prigorodnoye and on approaches to them.

For reference:

The vessel was built in 2008 at the Baltic Shipyard (St. Petersburg, Russia).

Basic specifications of the vessel:

Vessel class:
КМ (*) Icebreaker 6 [2] АUТ1 ЕР1 ЕРР
114 m
27.50 m
Hull height: 
12.40 m
8.5 m
Gross register tonnage:    
Number and power of
the main engines:           
2х6,000 kW и 2х4,500 kW
Rate of sailing: 
16 knots
Icebreaking capacity:
1 m at the sailing speed of 3 knots
26 persons