Far Eastern Basin Branch News

Director of the Far Eastern Basin Branch meets with the Chairman of the Duma of Vladivostok

On the 11 September 2020, a working meeting of the Director of the Far Eastern Basin Branch Viktor Vanyukov with a delegation of representatives of the Vladivostok City Duma headed by the Chairman of the Duma Andrey Brik took place at the FSUE “Rosmorport” Far Eastern Basin Branch.

The main theme of the meeting was the issue of organizing the interaction of all participants in the port activities of Vladivostok to solve the environmental problems of the region and, in particular, to solve the problem of cleaning the water area of the Golden Horn Bay from pollution related to the activities of economic entities located on the coast of the bay.

During the meeting, the participants got acquainted with the presentation on the activities of the Far Eastern Basin Branch, the program of the branch's annual dredging works and a set of environmental measures aimed at compensation for damage to aquatic biological resources during their implementation.

The meeting also discussed collaboration of parties aimed at creating a project for a scientific and educational center on Russky Island on the basis of adm. G.I. Nevelskoy Moscow State University in order to attract children from all over the Far Eastern region, starting from school, for their preparation and training for specialists who will be in demand by the modern Russian fleet.

The participants of the meeting noted the high interest in further collaboration in this area.

As a result of the meeting, the participants decided to hold another meeting in October this year in the branch of Vladivostok control center of the Vessel traffic management systems.