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Amendment of information about the seaport of Vostochny in the Register of Seaports of the Russian Federation

By the order of Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport No. ZD-218-r of June 26, 2020 information about the Vostochny seaport in the Register of seaports of the Russian Federation has been changed.

The adjustments are related to the clarification of the number of berths in the seaport due to the inclusion in the list of a temporary berth built in 1971 with a length of 100.5 meters and a depth at the cordon of the berth of 6 meters, intended for transshipment of dry cargo. The berth can handle vessels with a length of 90 meters, a width of 14 meters and a cargo draft of 5 meters.

In addition, the total length of the berth wall in the Vostochny seaport has increased due to the increase in the length of berth No. 35 in connection with the completion of its reconstruction. During the reconstruction, the existing structure of the berth was strengthened by the method of artificial consolidation of the foundation soils, which made it possible to increase the design level of the bottom at the berth cordon to -12.5 meters. The berth was also equipped with a storm sewer system, a hard surface was made of reinforced concrete plates, and fenders were replaced. Implemented under the reconstruction project, two fenders and mooring bays made it possible to increase the length of berth No. 35 by 63.5 meters. This structure is designed for loading bulk carriers with a length of 185 meters. At berths No. 35 and No. 34, based on the results of the work performed, settlement vessels of the SN-30 and SN-20 types can now be alternately moored and handled.

In addition, the register for the Vostochny seaport clarified information about the throughput of cargo terminals.

For reference:

In the seaport of Vostochny, the Far Eastern Basin Branch has 18 berths, which amounts to 64.3% of the total number of berths in the seaport. The length of the quay wall of the enterprise's quays is more than 4 km, which is 66.8% of the total length of the quay wall in the Vostochny seaport.

At 17 berths of the branch, which were leased to operators of sea terminals in accordance with the established procedure, over 6 months of 2020 handled more than 17 million tons of cargo, which is more than 44% of the total transshipment volume in the seaport of Vostochny.

The remaining berth is used by the Eastern Department of the Far Eastern Basin Branch for its own needs in order to lay up ships of the ecological fleet.