Far Eastern Basin Branch News

The beginning of navigation in the seaport of Pevek

By the order of the captain of the seaport of Pevek, dated July 3, 2020 No. 3 in the seaport of Pevek, in connection with the onset of favorable hydrometeorological conditions, navigation in 2020 is open from July 6.

In connection with the opening of navigation in the seaport of Pevek, the pilots of the Eastern Directorate of the FSUE "Rosmorport" Far Eastern Basin Branch, who were seconded to the Anadyr branch of FSUE "Rosmorport" and are working on a rotational basis in the seaport of Pevek, have started pilotage of vessels proceeding to the seaport.

The first vessel, which was successfully navigated on July 20, 2020 by the company's pilots and moored to the berth No. 1 of the seaport of Pevek, was the Bilibino motor boat of 113.2 meters long, 18.9 meters wide and 7 meters in draft, which delivered cargo of coal and equipment to the seaport.

Within 24 hours, the Yaroslav Mudryi tanker was successfully moored to the berths of the oil depot of the seaport of Pevek under the pilotage of the enterprise's pilot.

Conditions for pilotage in the seaport of Pevek are currently good. The bay was completely cleared of ice, however, the use of only one tug when performing mooring operations in the seaport requires high skill and coordination of actions both from the pilot and directly from the skippers and crew members.

More details on the conditions and procedure for FSUE "Rosmorport" provision of pilotage services in the seaport of Pevek can be found in the section "Pilotage services of the Anadyr Branch".