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Far Eastern Basin Branch takes part in search and rescue drills

The Far Eastern Basin Branch has taken part in rescue drills at sea to recover people in distress. The drills were held on May 23, 2019.

The drills which took place in the water area of the Amur Bay of the seaport of Vladivostok have been coordinated by the Vladivostok marine rescue coordination center of FSBI “The Administration of Seaports of Primorsky Territory and Eastern Arctic".

The Orient boat has been used as a command and staff boat in the drills.

During the drills, units, material and human resources of the sub-system have trained operations for organizing and coordinating the activity of sea rescue services to find and rescue people and vessels in distress at sea in rescue areas of the responsibility zone of the Russian Federation.

According to the legend of the drills, a motor ship has sunk off due to the collision with an unknown underwater object. The crew left the sunken vessel on an inflatable liferaft. Six crewmembers turned out to be in water, two of them received traumas. According to the program of the drills, rescue units searched for people in distress, recovered them and evacuated on shore.

During the drills, all units of emergency services showed interaction and strict coordination, particularly between air crew teams carrying out rescue operations and sea vessels.