Far Eastern Basin Branch News

Far Eastern Basin Branch Fleet Replenishment

Under an order issued by the FSUE “Rosmorport” Far Eastern Basin Branch, the Vostok tugboat has been given to the enterprise. Earlier, the tugboat was used by the Sakhalin Branch.

The tugboat has become the 6th tug vessel of the Far Eastern Basin Branch and the 34th vessel within the entire fleet of the branch.

The tugboat of Project 498, Saturn type represents a steeled, one-deck, double-screw diesel vessel with adjustable pitch propellers in bucket-type rudders, an engine space in the midship and a deposed to the vessel’s head two-levelled erection with a navigation bridge. Due to the icebreaker’s end and anti-ice strengthening of the plating and due to the protection of screws the tugboat is capable of working in ice conditions.

The main trait of the vessel is its ability to carry out works to harbor, unharbor, move and moor superships of all types in water areas of seaports and in the roads, including in ice conditions. The tugboat is equipped with fire-fighting systems and can take part in fire-fighting operations on vessels.

The Far Eastern Basin Branch is planning to use the Vostok tugboat to provide tug support in the water area of the seaport of Vladivostok.

For reference

The vessel was built at the Gorokhovetsky shipyard (the town of Gorokhovets) in 1983.

The vessel’s key particulars:

Vessel class:
KM*UL SH (tugboat);
29.3 m;
8.3 m;
Hull height:
4.3 m;
3.09 m;
Gross capacity:
184 registered tons;

Number and power of    

main engines:
2х442 kWt (2х600 HP);
11.4 nautical knots;
Bollard pull:
14 tons;
3 people