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Far Eastern Basin Branch takes part in maritime voluntary Saturday work day

On June 2, 2018, the Far Eastern Basin Branch took part in the maritime voluntary Saturday work at the forefront of World Environment Day held on the initiative of the Pacific Ocean Maritime Department of the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage.

During the voluntary Saturday work, two oil garbage disposal vessels of the Branch have cleaned the water area of Golden Horn bay from floating garbage, and the Branch’s employees have taken part in collecting garbage accumulated along the coastline.

Following the results of the operations carried out by crewmembers of the MNMS-100 and the Pingvin vessels they collected about 12 cubic meters of garbage that had fallen into the bay through storm sewers because of unauthorized discharge of sewage and the disposal of household garbage from coastal territories of Vladivostok.

Garbage collected by the Branch from the water area of Golden Horn bay has been moved to the disposal site of the city for further recycling in accordance with established procedure.