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Nakhodka Seaport Expansion

The Russian government adopted Resolution No 5-р dated January 12, 2017 to expand the Nakhodka seaport (Primorsky Territory) by integrating land lots on the eastern coast of Cape East between Cape Yelizarov and Cape Podosenov and an artificially built land lot to construct a water terminal for petrochemical cargoes transshipment. The terminal's capacity is of 21 million tons per year.

Eastern Petrochemical Co. JSC (NK Rosneft PJSC subsidiary) carries out a project for building the water terminal.

This investment project is being realized in compliance with the roadmap approved by Russia's Government Resolution No 2602-р dated December 17, 2015.

The project is aimed at building the water terminal for petrochemical cargoes designed for vessels service of 100.000 tons deadweight to load petrochemical products aboard vessels both for Russia's Far East Region consumers and the Asia-Pacific Region.

In order to build the water terminal the following operations are planned to be held: site development, creation of an artificial land lot with an area of 117.4 ha, coast protection, the construction of a berth for transshipping large-capacity equipment, berths and containers berths, harbor vessels' berths, a berth for rescue operations and for coping with accidental oil spills, approach trestles and connecting piers, rear railways front. The total berth length will be over 2.3 kilometers.

Navigational aids and a platform for deploying ship traffic control equipment of an automated technical post are among federal property facilities under construction.

Within the implementation of this investment project FSUE “Rosmorport” is planning to act as a state customer on the construction of above mentioned federal property facilities.

At present, the specialized design organization carries out engineer survey and designing.

The construction installation works under the first stage of the project is scheduled for the year 2018 if positive conclusions to develop documentation on the construction of the water terminal and provide required funding are received.

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